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Deputy Managing Director

Adegunle Olugbamila

Adegunle Olugbamila is the Deputy Managing Director (Strategic/Media Director), has exceptional ability to interact and work with sales people and clients. Skilled in researching, analyzing data and identifying best ads placements for clients’ need. Excellent in handling pressure and working long hours.

He also builds strategies focused towards clients’ expectations and project deadlines.

Gbamila worked as a Reporter with The Nation Newspapers, The New Age Newspapers(defunct) and the Comet Newspapers (defunct). He has a Masters Degree (M.A.) in Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, University of Lagos, Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, Lagos State University and Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A. Hons) in Communications Arts, Lagos State University, Ojo.

He has attended various management and professional training.