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Strategic Director

Christian Aburime

Christian Aburime has close to 20 years of professional experience in marketing, advertising and Public Relations practice. He has worked previously with Corporate Press, Ace Media, Dawn Functions, Interpublic Ltd., and Faces&Profile Ltd in various management capacities.

At Interpublic he worked as Accounts Head on brands such as Briscoe Telecom, Motorola, Thuraya, Channel IT, Mandilas, Cadbury, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc. At Faces&Profile Ltd, he worked on accounts such as CBN, SON, May & Baker, DANSA, Union Homes, Mandilas etc..

Christian has a combined training in both core Public Relations and Advertising which gives him an uncommon advantage as a seasoned thoroughbred professional and a strategist in the business of Brand Management/PR practice. .

He holds the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts (specializing in Media Arts) from the Nigerian premier university (University of Ibadan) and a Masters’ degree in International Relations & strategic studies (MIRSS)including Post-Graduate diplomas in both Public Relations and Marketing. He has attended several Brand management and Public Relations courses at the senior level cadre.

Christian is happily married with children.